Release notes - May 2020


  • Added: learners are now able to adjust submitted (video) hand-in assignments, provided that the learner is responsible for completing the activity.


  • Improved: Loading of various pages is now more consistent. Elements will be loaded simultaneously.


  • Improved: The instructor dashboard


  • Added: An announcement can be send to multiple courses at once.

Creating content

  • Improved: Elements move slower while navigating the plus editor page
  • Improved: The plus-editor interface and interaction. The edit action of the elements is now placed above the splitting action.
  • Added: Explantion about the location and folder structure.


  • Added: Your previous choices for template settings will be remembered, so you don't have to start from scratch the next time you create another template.
  • Improved: Breadcrumb at the overview of blocks and activities. 
  • Improved: The tabs within the templates and activies have a different order and new icons.
  • Improved: The buttons to edit the blocks and activities in the template are updated to make it more clear. The button to enter the block edit flow is now called Settings.
  • Improved: When there is no content yet, the 'Select content' button is disabled. An explanation on how you can create content has been added.
  • Improved: Explanation for learner at the start of the course.
  • Improved: Sharing tab has been moved to the discussion widget.
  • Added: Explanation for the discussion widget. 
  • Improved: The Personal Learner Advice functionality has been freshened up and moved to the template settings page. The options in the advice functionality offer additional explanations and the interface is now more user friendly.
  • Improved: The legend has been removed in the modal of creating an activity, added better explanation to the types. 
  • Added: Reflection activity
  • Added: Expanding the condition (after activity "X" is completed with result "X") with the attendance score of events. This condition can now also be triggered by the attendance score of an event activity.


  • Added: Run aNewSpring in another system using LTI.


  • Removed: The 'free' label and 0 dollar in free products. From now on, products will only have a price indication if they actually have a price.
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