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Release notes - January 2022


  • Changed: The actions and statuses of the user subscriptions are clarified.

    • The subscription is ‘new’ when the user hasn’t started with the course yet.

    • The subscription is ‘started’ when the user has started with the course.

    • The subscription is ‘ended’ when the subscription is ended by the trainer.

    • The subscription is ‘expired’ when the expiration date has passed.

Platform improvements

  • Improved: When activating multiple subscriptions for a learner only one alert message will be shown.

  • Improved: The trainer can navigate back to the overview of all their assessments after assessing a 360º feedback activity.

Session duration

  • Changed: The session duration for the trainer is set to 30 minutes.

  • Added: Session duration for learners can be determined by aNS support.

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