Release notes - March 2023

The release is expected on March 14 2023.

Learners - Keyboard operability (WCAG)

  • Improved: The aNewSpring platform allows learners to interact and navigate through the learning environment by only using their keyboard.

    • This includes the ability to see which actionable item is on focus at the moment.

    • The changes are applied to the following places:

      • The login pages, including resetting password.

      • The homepage.

  • Changed: Clicking on text-fields, or using the keyboard to focus on the text-fields, will show a clear border to indicate where the focus is. 

Learners - Matching question

  • Improved: Learners can expand or collapse a card in the matching question when it contains a lot of text.

Learners - Reset password

  • Improved: The information at the ‘Forgot password?’ flow has been updated with better explanations. 

Assessing - Hand-in assignment

  • Improved: When assessing a hand-in assignment, Excel and PowerPoint files will be opened in a new tab instead of having to download the files first.

Course - Add learners

  • Improved: The user experience for adding learners to the courses has been improved. The process now happens on the same page and the loading time is reduced significantly.

Content - PDF content

  • Added: A new content type for PDF content has been added to the plus-editor.

    • This content type has the option to restrict users from downloading the PDF file.

Catalog - Free products

  • Improved: The options to filter on the maximum price, and to sort by free products, are not available anymore when the catalog only contains free products. This also includes products with a ‘0’ price tag.

Template - Notification (Live since March 2nd 2023)

  • Added: A new condition is added to the template notifications. The condition allows the notification to be sent on a specific date when a certain activity is not completed yet.

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