Release notes 101

The release is expected on August 8th.

Learners - Mathematical formulas

  • Added: Learners can add mathematical formulas as answers in the essay questions.

Learners - Keyboard accessibility (WCAG)

  • Improved: Learners are able to interact and navigate through the learning journey (overview with all activities), with the exception of the widgets, by only using their keyboard.

  • This includes the ability to see which actionable item is on focus at the moment;

  • And the ability to instantly skip to the main content, the activities.

Access code - Direct access to the input page

  • Improved: The login page where learners can enter an access code is improved with a direct url. Thereby, users can directly navigate to the access code input page.

Text-editor - Mathematical formulas

  • Added: The possibility to add mathematical formulas in the content of the learning journey.

Video content - Autoplay option is removed

  • Changed: The autoplay option in the video content types is removed to provide a better user experience. 

Video player - Videos in portrait mode

  • Added: The possibility to show video content, from the video player, in portrait mode.

Template - Easy activating notifications

  • Added: The ability to activate or deactivate the template notifications from the overview table.

Instructor - Shortcut to the dashboard

  • Added: A quick access to the course dashboard is added in each course view when looking at the results of a learner.

Email notification - Free products with approval

  • Added: The possibility to edit the email notification content for the free catalogue products that require an approval.

    • Free order approved - logged in

    • Free order approved - logged out

    • Free order approved - logged in (access codes)

    • Free order approved - logged out (access codes)

    • Free order declined

Catalogue - Empty products

  • Changed: Catalogue products become unavailable (not possible to purchase, request or add) when all the containing courses or the access code group gets deleted.

Images - svg format for activities, courses and products

  • Improved: The ‘.svg’ image type can now also be used for the activity, course and product images. 

Course - Improved usability

  • Improved: The ‘Name’ and ‘Title’ input fields for creating a new course have been made wider to improve the usability.

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