Release notes 105 - May 2024

The release is expected on May 28th.

Learners - Communication centre in the mobile app

  • Added: The communication centre has been added to the aNewSpring mobile apps.

    • Learners can now access their messages and announcements within the app, in addition to the already available general notifications and social notifications.

    • They can send new messages or reply to existing ones in the same intuitive way as on desktop.

    • Read and unread messages are clearly distinguished.

    • Learners can choose to receive push notifications for newly received messages and announcements.

      • The setting for receiving push notifications about messages and announcements is automatically enabled for all learners who currently have push notifications turned on in their app.

  • Added: The ‘Ask the instructor a question’ option has been added to the aNewSpring mobile apps as well.

Learners - Simplified the flow for adding free products with direct access

  • Improved: Adding products with ‘Free, direct access’ as payment method has become easier for learners.

    • Learners don’t need to go through the order flow anymore and will directly navigate to the newly subscribed course, or to the homepage when being subscribed to multiple courses at once.

    • The order email notifications will no longer be sent for this type of product.

Learners - The availability of the model answer in essay questions

  • Changed: The model answer, which helps learners in grading their own essay questions, is now only displayed when learners themselves are responsible for grading the question. Otherwise, it is shown only to the instructor, who can include it in the assessment of the learner.

Learners - Uploading video file in the video hand-in assignment

  • Added: In addition to recording a video within the video hand-in assignment and submitting it, learners can now also upload a pre-recorded video file.

Learners - Screen reader accessibility (WCAG)

  • Improved: Improvements have been made to non-text content regarding screen reader accessibility.

    • Non-text content, such as images, videos and sound fragments, can now include alternative text.

    • The alternative texts are accessible for screen reading services, enabling all users to access and understand the non-text content.

    • These improvements have been applied to the relevant content types in questions and content parts.

      • Note: In June 2024, alternative texts will be expanded to all areas where non-text content can be added via the text-editor as well.

Learners - Keyboard accessibility (WCAG)

  • Improved: Improvements have been made to enhance keyboard accessibility for several activity types:

    • The six evaluation activities: scan, 360 feedback, questionnaire, form, reflection and survey; and the event activity.

Certificate - Certificate code for the course’s start and end dates

  • Added: You can now automatically add the start and end date of the course to the certificate using the certificate codes 'courseStartDate' and 'courseEndDate'.

Email notification - Removing email notifications for free products with direct access

  • Changed: The ability to edit the content of email notifications for acquiring products with 'Free, direct access' as a payment method has been removed, as these email notifications are no longer present.

WCAG - Non-text content accessibility for screen readers

  • Added: The ability to provide non-text content with alternative text, making it accessible to screen reading services.

    • All non-text content, such as images, videos and sound fragments that are essential for understanding the entire content, can now include alternative text.

    • The alternative text can be provided when selecting the file for the content.

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